I started my yoga journey five years ago, whilst working in healthcare marketing and communications in London. At the end of my first yoga class, I felt at peace and a sense that I'd returned 'home'. I quickly fell in love with how yoga made me feel lighter in both body and mind, whilst at the same time stronger and more grounded. Since then I have continued to be amazed by the power and healing effects of yoga, and ultimately, how the practice can open our hearts, returning us to a feeling of loving-kindness and compassion to all.


Claire Wilkinson YOGA

I have been practicing yoga, reiki and meditation since 2000 in the UK,  Thailand & India.  I am a qualified yoga teacher using many styles of yoga.  I mainly use Vinyasa Flow in my classes as I enjoy the freedom and fluidity of moves between mind body and breath.  Since practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis I have found an inner peace and contentment deep within myself.

I run classes in Kensingston and alsooffer one to one classes in your home or workplace.  My style is personal and friendly. 

I trained as a reiki healer completing Levels 1, 2 and Masters starting in 2000. 

I regularly attend workshops and retreats in the UK and around the world to learn from masters, revitalise my inner self and maintain completeness. 

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Emilia Ragni

Emilia Attianese is a ballet teacher and founder of ENSEMBLE BALLET STUDIO.

Emilia trained at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, where she graduated in classical ballet teaching.

Currently Emilia teaches ballet for children aged three and half and up at the Holy Trinity Parish Center in Brook Green and Adults ballet classes in West London.

"Dance  with your heart and your body will follow."



Clementine Francklin

With a background as a nurse across a number of disciplines, I initially took up yoga at university to relax and increase my strength and flexibility. Now teaching yoga professionally I am even more passionate about how yoga benefits your mind and body. My interest in human anatomy, agility and breath are central to my classes. The vinyasa I teach is dynamic and relaxing in equal measure, working your body and your sense of flow.

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Lisa Lawton

Lisa was born and grew up in Putney, London. She is passionate about sharing the physical, mental and emotional benefits that a regular yoga practice can have on the lifestyles of busy Londoners.

Lisa found yoga over 8 years ago to help her deal with chronic and stubborn neck pain. Lisa teaches Vinyasa Flow, Pregnancy and Yin Yoga classes in London as well as one-day urban retreats. Whether you're after a dynamic, challenging or gentle style of yoga, all classes are upbeat and creatively sequenced with a real attention to alignment and breath and always infused with positivity and personality.

Lisa believes yoga is for everyone and will empower you to lead your life in a more authentic way, with greater acceptance for who you really are.

For any questions please contact lisalotuslondon@gmail.com


Paola's BodyBarre

Paola’s BodyBarre is a unique fusion of Barre, Pilates, TRX, Cardio, HIIT and Yoga founded by celebrity trainer Paola di Lanzo.  Renowned for achieving incredible results, the classes cater to all levels of fitness and are guaranteed to inject energy and charisma into every workout.



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Helena is an very encouraging, patient and enthusiastic Pilates teacher who is passionate about what she does. She is also a Back4Good Lower Back Pain specialist, qualified with Body Control Pilates.

She likes to make her classes fun, varied, dynamic and (at intermediate level) challenging. They are based on a functional and contemporary approach to Pilates. This she combines with more traditional Pilates exercises, to counteract the effect of our largely sedentary lifestyles. 

She is very focused on correct and effective technique by consistently providing clients feedback and corrections if needed. This ensures they are using the correct muscles and not putting any unnecessary strain on their joints. 

Her Pilates classes are small, friendly and personal (10 people max). This means that she can focus on quality rather than quantity and give everyone the attention they deserve. She can therefore deliver a more personalised service than in a larger class. Her classes are tailored to coincide with her clients’ overall level of fitness, Pilates experience and goals as well as the ongoing feedback she encourages.

Let her know what goals you would like to set yourself before you start classes with her and she will support you in making those goals a reality (although change won’t happen overnight!).

Her classes are in high demand and fill up very fast, so advance booking is required. To find out more:

Website – www.pilatesbyhelena.co.uk 

Email - info@pilatesbyhelena.co.uk

Mobile – 07900 890439



I am a self starting rehabilitation exercise specialist with over 17 years of professional practise.
I have a wide range of qualifications and experience in the Health and Fitness sector using a variety of exercise tools from elastics, wobble boards, stability balls and Pilates reformer.

My speciality is designing appropriate exercise programmes to improve clients posture, core, strength, flexibility,proprioception and balance in their daily living activities whatever their goals or fitness levels are while knowing when to challenge or when some TLC is needed.

I am passionate about Pilates as for me it gave me a second chance to do everything I love to do without constant hip pain.
. My success makes me want to share my knowledge and expertise to help transform my clients to look, move and feel better.
MY MOTTO- the longer you leave taking action, the more scared you will be!

children's CLASSES


Our aim is to foster a natural enjoyment and response to the fundamental elements of music, whilst building a strong educational atmosphere using a combination of music, singing, rhythmic games and instrumental involvement.

Our tailor made classes are limited to a maximum of 12 students, taught by classically trained music specialists. They feature live instrumental accompaniment and provide clear, progressive, musical education. Our program is tailored for each stage of your hild's development to form a sound foundation for instrumental tuition.

Once upon a yogamat

My name is Milena and I teach simple, inclusive and accessible yoga to adults and children.

I strongly believe that one is never too young or too old to practice Yoga. Regardless of age we all need a good heart, a disciplined mind and a healthy body.

Childhood is a great place to start the Yoga journey. Children beam with natural curiosity and enthusiasm, they are open minded, imaginative and less inhibited.

In times when most of children's activities are supported by toys and electronic devises, in our Yoga-telling classes we will use our bodies, breath, imagination and much loved stories to learn, play and relax.

Once Upon a Yoga Mat sessions provide a calm and welcoming space and include Yoga postures, movements, games, poems and rhymes, storytelling, simple breath awareness, mindfulness and relaxation practices.

Once Upon a Yoga Mat sessions at the Corner House are run in partnership with Storystock (http://www.storystock.co.uk/).

I am British Wheel of Yoga teacher, fully CRB checked and trained in first aid.

For more info email yogawithmilena@gmail.com 


Petite Performers is a unique curriculum in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop & Drama with bespoke music and original choreography. Classes start at 6 months and go through to 6 years. Join the Petite Performers on a magical journey each week as they creatively explore new adventures together with your child's imagination. Petite Performer branches can be found across the UK and USA. 

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Cook with Rosie

Cook with Rosie is all about getting creative in the kitchen. Whether you're a mother, father, carer or child, we want to help bring the enjoyment back into the kitchen, by offering classes to not only broaden the cookery repertoires of so many, but to get children involved in all aspects of healthy food and the pleasure it has to offer.  In our kids classes we cover a broad range of cookery skills and discussions about ingredients and where they come from.  The children not only take part in all the food preparation but they also assist with laying the table and everyone sits down to enjoy the fruits of their labour at the end of the class.  

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Energetic, interactive dance classes for boys and girls aged between 18 months & 4 years of age. Exploring over 16 different styles of dance & using various exciting and engaging props to exercise gross & fine motor skills. Fantastic for building confidence & social skills all whilst having fun! 



The Ballet School has been offering tuition in classical ballet for children aged two and a half and up for nearly 15 years. The school's aim is to give each child the opportunity to develop self-confidence, poise, co-ordination and musicality in a fun, creative yet highly professional environment. All our teachers are qualified professionals and a pianist accompanies each class. While the emphasis is very much on enjoyment children with the ability and desire to follow a vocational path are given every opportunity to do so.